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Instagram Worthy Berlin

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Instagram Worthy Berlin – A Guide to Berlin Food, Sights and Things to Do That Photograph Extra Well!

Words: Erin Hardie | Photographs: Ryan Platten. If we had to sum up Berlin in a phrase it would be: Instagram Worthy Berlin! Photographs and/or Instagram are everyone’s favourite ways to capture and keep a little of a city’s essence and the memories made there whilst visiting. Berlin is a dynamic and accessible city that will provide the perfect photogenic locations to make and capture these memories. Berlin is one of those cities we all just keep coming back to. It’s gritty streets, with alternating classical European style architecture and more recent communist influences are photogenic in every season. As the capital and largest city in Germany with a population of nearly 4 million it’s also a very large city of sprawling neighbourhoods each with their own unique sights to see and flavours to taste. This makes Berlin a city that is hard to get to know fully, and a city that is ever changing with plenty of new hip offerings opening all the time to stand beside the classic stalwarts. This is what keeps us all coming back, Berlin can be new every time as well as relied upon to sparkle in our photos and induce envy in our Instagram followers! Read on as we share a short guide to Berlin food to taste, sights to see, beer to sip all against perfect Instagram worthy backdrops for stunning holiday photographs!

The List – Instagram Worthy Berlin

The Brandenburg Gate

Ryan sums it up perfectly in his Instagram post: this site has seen so much throughout time, making it a timeless place of historic interest to visit whilst in Berlin. It makes for striking photographs too at any time of day. It also heralds the beginning of the equally photogenic Unter den Linden, the boulevard of Linden trees. For history and architecture fans the Reichstag Building (German parliament) is one block away heading north.

Potsdamer Platz

Instagram Worthy Berlin - Panoramapunkt Kolhoff Tower

Look closely – it’s not a mirror effect! Just the design of this office tower similar in shape to the Flatiron Building NYC. It doesn’t get more Instagram worthy than this!

Heading south from the Brandenburg Gate you will find Potsdamer Platz. Actually to get this shot you need to get high up above Potsdamer Platz, but the square itself has plenty to explore and photograph as well. We headed to Potsdamer Platz to see the nearby Salvador Dali Exhibition (which was great if you’re a fan!). As we were hungry though, we first looked for a cafe using google maps user reviews. We were super glad therefore to come across the Panoramapunkt Berlin: a rooftop experience on the 25th floor with a cafe on the 24th floor located in the Kolhoff Office Tower. If we hadn’t been hungry we would never have found this Instagram worthy Berlin site – I’m skipping breakfast more often 😉

Berliner Dom

Instagram Worthy Berlin - the TV Tower as viewed from Berliner Dom

The view of the Berliner Dom from the start of the bridge to Museum Island. Spot the Berlin TV Tower contrasting in the background!

Also known as the Berlin Cathedral Church, it’s not the only Instagram worthy sight in this area. In fact you can’t walk for tripping over incredible architecture, fountains, parks and more! This area is also home to the Berlin Palace, the Neptunbrunnen Fountain and is also known as Museum Island: it’s where you can find five art and artifacts museums all housed in stunningly ornate 1800s buildings. All are gorgeous from the outside and even more rewarding on the inside! We loved this capture for contrasting Berlin’s older and more recent history side by side with the TV Tower just visible in the distance. You can walk from the Brandenburg Gate, down the Unter den Linden across Museum Island to the TV Tower in about half an hour. Although there is so much to see it will more likely take you a whole day/or week (if wanting to visit inside the attractions as well!).

Berlin TV Tower

Instagram Worthy Berlin - MIO restaurant and bar

The neon lights in MIO bar also changed colour! But the real star was the glittery concrete walls of the bar that don’t show up so well in the photo.

The Berlin TV Tower (Berliner Fernsehturm) is an icon of Berlin and Instagram worthy in itself of course. We saw it from the outside, took in the view from the observation deck and even dined in the revolving restaurant. We had a lot of fun, but ultimately I wouldn’t recommend the restaurant experience as it’s expensive and the food is nothing special. The highlight for us in this area was actually a bar/restaurant across from the TV Tower: MIO restaurant and bar. We didn’t try the food, just a couple of cocktails. It was a highlight for its very instagrammable neon lit and glittery interior, completed with plush velvet seating. In this bar we felt transported back in time to the late sixties when the TV Tower would have just been completed!

East Side Gallery

Instagram Worthy Berlin - East Side Gallery

The East Side Gallery is a gorgeous open-air walk, but popular! You may get photobombed!

A classic must-visit spot whilst in Berlin and a lovely, contemplative 1.3km open-air walk. The East Side Gallery can be found in East Berlin. You can start this walk at either the eastern or most western point, but our suggestion is to start from the most eastern side, near the river Spree. This way, as you walk towards the end of the gallery you end up not far from the TV Tower and get to walk to it viewing it as it would’ve been viewed by East Germans during this period in history. The architecture around here reflects the communist influence too and the neighbourhood is only just starting to undergo regeneration and growth. This makes for excellent concurrent reflection whilst also taking in the street art homages to freedom, hope and the tumultuous Berlin political history that now adorns this still-standing section of the Berlin Wall.


Instagram Worthy Berlin - Alexander Platz

The clouds played ball with our desire to capture this building in a gritty moody light!

Alexanderplatz is one of the most renowned squares in Berlin particularly for reflecting the recent communist period of history during the sixties. You can see the TV Tower from here plus various iconic instagrammable monuments within the square itself such as the World Time Clock. We loved this gritty building leaving this square, with its wraparound communist mural paintings. We also took a tips-based free-walking tour from here that covered the top historic sites in central east/west Berlin.

Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church

Instagram Worthy Berlin - Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church

The neon-looking blue squares are actually the thousands of little blue stained-glass squares in the new church building.

This badly ruined and slightly restored late 1800’s church made it to this list not only for being Instagram worthy itself, but for being absolutely incredible when shot alongside the more modern buildings that have now flanked it since the sixties and that are lit up at night. The new church is just as psychedelic looking on the inside too with a massive wall of blue stained-glass tiling! A beautiful visual juxtaposition of Berlin’s eventful historic periods that will form the perfect composition for your next Instagram worthy Berlin post!


Instagram Worthy Berlin - Tiergarten

The Tiergarten captured at dusk.

The Tiergarten is the most famous of large parks in Berlin. It’s big too, and will take a good hour to walk across at the widest point (which leads from near the zoo to the Brandenburg gate). It’s a historic park, tracing its origins back to the 16th century when it was used as a royal hunting ground. It has the usual amenities one would expect in a large park including trails for walking/running, picnic areas, a playground and what we liked best: bodies of water. There are canals near the Berlin Zoo end and it borders the River Spree on the opposite side.

Berlin Instagram Worthy Food with Park and Zoo Views! 

Instagram Worthy Berlin - Schleusenkrug Restaurant

There’s a variety of cool lighting in the Schleusenkrug restaurant too!

I haven’t found a way to make street-sausage look Instagrammble yet… maybe you could give me some advice? Anyhow it goes without saying you must try the currywurst whilst in Germany! We found good, cheap street food examples of this near the Berlin Zoo train and bus station. Check out the Funk You Natural Cafe inside Bikini Berlin shopping mall for healthy food, juice and caffeine hits with views of the zoo’s monkey enclosure! Also near to here is the Tiergarten, and in particular the Schleusenkrug restaurant/cafe/beer garden. This ‘something for everyone’ spot has beautiful views of the Tiergarten and is the only establishment here, very peaceful! But also lively with plenty on offer on a menu that is also in English. We loved the decor that looked like it had been stolen out of grandma’s living room!

Multi-cultural Food Options in Berlin

Instagram Worthy Berlin - Pasta & Basta dessert

Good enough to Instagram!

Berlin is also such an attractive destination due to its large multi-culture. We were spoilt for authentic Italian food particularly on the block bordered by the streets Fasanenstraße and Kantstraße, our favourite though was a bit further away from here: Pasta & Basta where every course was instagrammable but particularly the desserts which came on plates dusted with little heart shapes perfectly standing out on this cosy little restaurant’s checked tablecloths. Not so pretty looking but oh so tasty was also the Vietnamese restaurant: Pho Nyguen 68 near Savignyplatz. Hopefully this is enough to get you started but truly you are spoilt for choice all around all Berlin neighbourhoods when it comes to photogenic and tasty food!  

Dicke Wirtin

Instagram Worthy Berlin - Dicke Wirtin

This cosy pub is decorated with portrait’s of it’s namesake Dicke Wirtin – the fat landlady!

This pub is a must visit for Old Berlin charm, traditional German food, a lively mostly locals atmosphere and an excellent drinks menu of course. There’s a good variety of German draft beers and nearly 30 different housemade schnapps to Instagram. Personally, we loved this place for it’s signage and branding: Dicke Wirtin means “fat landlady” which was how the original proprietress was referred to by the local university students who were fond of her and her establishment for it’s cosy atmosphere and good prices. It’s still well priced and cosy today.

Last Cathedral

Instagram Worthy Berlin - Last Cathedral Metal Bar

It looks cool from the outside and was so cool on the inside – I hope it hasn’t closed!

For us, as fans of Marilyn Manson and Rob Zombie, this bar was a must-visit as both have been rumoured to have visited here. I won’t go into much detail however as sadly it seems it may have closed now. We’ve kept this entry though as we found our way to this very instagrammable bar as part of a tour of a number of instagrammable bars! Berlin has an absolutely insane amount of cool bar offerings (here’s a list of 50!) – it’s basically overwhelming if you don’t have a lot of time or are visiting for a first time. We tackled this conundrum by taking the Alternative Berlin Tours Pub-crawl. This took us around 5 different types of bars across 4 neighbourhoods and was pretty budget friendly with free shots provided at every venue all for only 12 Euro per person.

The Ampelmann

Don’t miss your chance to capture this instagram worthy Berlin icon! He would make an excellent video or Boomerang post too!

That’s our list! We hope you enjoyed our Instagram worthy Berlin photos! If you did be sure to follow our Instagram accounts: @ryanplatten and @downbubbletravels. We hope to see yours soon too! If you know of any we’ve missed we’d love to hear from you in the comments below! Until next time prost! (Cheers!) Erin & Ryan.

PS! Are you a fan of “iPhonography” (that is taking photos only with iPhone rather than professional big DSLR cameras) like us? Check out this awesome post on our good mate Ben Reeve UK’s blog to better your iPhone photography for Instagram and to take your very best Instagram worthy snaps of every place you visit!

Instagram Worthy Berlin, Germany: Love travel? Love Instagram and/or photography? You'll love Berlin! Get 13 ideas to get you started on your next trip to Berlin including historic locations, rooftop views, food, bars and more that also functions as an introductory guide for a first trip to this dynamic city!