The Only Pair of Headphones You’ll Need For Travelling

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Words & Pics: Ryan Platten | There are a lot of important things to remember when travelling (passport is one – believe me, I know that from experience!!!!), but one thing I find most important is a good pair of headphones. For the plane, the airport, the bus, and various other places, headphones are almost a necessity to allow you to block out the world and just relax. But which ones to choose? Recently, I purchased a pair of Bose QuietComfort 35 Noise Cancelling Headphones which I used in travels to Corfu, Crete, Amsterdam, Gibraltar and other places. So what’s so good about them? Read on below…

Bose QuietComfort 35 Headphones

My Pair of Bose QuietComfort 35 Headphones

1. The Sound

These things sound great – the base is good and the levels are excellent. The sound is crisp and clear, and whether you are listening to music, or watching a movie, you won’t miss anything. I was really happy with the clarity of the sound and found myself turning it down at times because I didn’t need it to be too loud, which is always good for the ears!

2. The Noise Cancelling

Seriously, if you haven’t tried noise cancelling headphones, you are missing out! I kept taking them off and putting them on when I was on the plane just to experience the sheer joy of experiencing the noise of the aircraft disappear. I let the wife try them on, and her expression told me everything I needed to know – noise cancelling is where it’s at!

3. The Wireless Technology

Bose QuietComfort 35 Headphones

The QC35s are an understated design which I felt comfortable wearing in public

I had always stayed away from wireless headphones up until now, because who really wants to be changing/charging batteries every 6-10 hours? The Bose QuietComfort 35 Headphones come with an internal battery which you don’t need to replace, and I was super excited to realise I could get over 18 hours of use out of them, without having to plug them in. To be honest I never actually ran out – the closest I came to running out of battery was when it reached around 20%!

I could get over 18 hours of use out of them, without having to plug them in!Click To Tweet

The headphones tell you how much battery they have left by telling you when you turn them on, and if you connect to a phone via Bluetooth, they will display the battery level there as well. Being able to walk around without having to worry about wires catching on something, or where to tuck the cord so it’s not flapping around gives you so much more freedom to do what you want.

4. The Wired Technology

So what happens when you are out of battery and you have nowhere to charge? Just use the audio cable that comes with the headphones and you don’t need to use the battery! Of course, without the power the noise cancelling won’t work, but in a pinch, still an awesome feature which some noise cancelling devices do not have.

5. The Case

Bose QuietComfort 35 Headphones

The headphones fit neatly inside the protective case, which also has a nifty spot to store the airplane jack in the corner

These headphones come with a hard case which protects against a lot of the rigors of travelling. The case zips in half, and it’s easy to fold the headphones into it. It comes with a pouch to store any cables etc you may need to as well. The case also has its own special slot for the next awesome feature…

6. The Airplane Adapter

Everyone has this problem when taking their own headphones onto a plane – trying to fit the single jack into that weird two-pronged slot that all airplanes seem to have. Worry not with these headphones! They come with a special adapter that, as I mentioned before, slips neatly into its own slot in the case. If you are on the plane and want to watch a movie, just attach the airplane adapter to your audio cable and plug into the plane system. No more jiggling that damn cable to try and get the sound to work! And with the noise cancelling, that movie is going to sound better than any plane movie you’ve ever seen!

Bose QuietComfort 35 Headphones

The airplane jack is a welcome and clever addition

7. The Design

If you’re like me, you don’t want a brash, in-your-face design, so these really worked for me. They are black all over and don’t stick out too much or come across as too bulky. The best word I could use to describe them is understated – so I didn’t mind wearing them in public!

8. The Comfort

These things are comfortable to wear. I’ve had over-the-ear headphones before, that after wearing them for more than 3 hours (especially on the plane) they would become uncomfortable and annoying and I’d have to take them off for 15mins to give my ears and head a rest. These didn’t have that problem. I was able to comfortably wear them for the whole 13 hour long-haul flight to Abu Dhabi and not worry. Bliss!

9. Cons?

So are there any downsides? Sure there are. Firstly the cost – it will set you back around $AUD450 for these headphones. They aren’t cheap. Other noise cancelling headphones could be around $200 cheaper. Also, the weight is slightly heavier (around 300g including cable/case) due to the internal battery, which may be a problem on those flights which are going to be finicky on your baggage weight. But these headphones are the best on the market, and are worth that extra cost and weight – you won’t regret it.

So if you are about to go travelling, or you just spend a lot of time commuting each day, pick yourself up a pair of these headphones. You’ll appreciate them on your travels!

Have you got any headphones you’d recommend for travelling, or have you used the Bose headphones before? Let us know in the comments below!

To find out more about specs etc, visit the Bose website here.

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